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Cyprus Segway Tours and Rentals

We offer segway rentals without guided tour and we also offer guided segway tours both city and urban tours. For group events we accept requests. We are the official Segway dealers in Cyprus. for segway sales contact us.

Buy a Segway

Segway PTs come in many models to serve different purposes and lifestyles. The cost in 2014 is between EUR 7,450 and  EUR 9,000, depending on the model and the of accessories you desire.


Models include a basic, no-frills Segway, an enhanced all-terrain model with a wider track, a commuter, an off-road adventure model, a cargo carrier and a Segway golf cart. Segway offers special models for law enforcement and patrolling.




Accessories such as handlebar bags, hardcases, LED head and tail lights, parking stand, lock kit, InfoKey holder, ramp kit, off-board charger, lithium-ion battery and laptop shoulder sleeve are also available to enhance your Segway experience.


To buy a Segway please call +357-25320000 for more information

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