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We offer segway rentals without guided tour and we also offer guided segway tours both city and urban tours. For group events we accept requests. We are the official Segway dealers in Cyprus. for segway sales contact us.

Segway Tour Nicosia

Each tour lasts for 2.5 hours, and follows a route in Old Nicosia that takes us past important sights such as the Phaneromeni Church, Ledra Checkpoint on the green line, the Town Hall, Laiki Yitonia (traditional neighbourhood), Ayios Savvas Church, Hamam Omerye (Turkish baths), the Archbishop’s Palace, the ancient Venetian walls, Liberty Monument, Famagusta Gate, the House of Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios, Chrysaliniotissa Church, and other historical buildings and scenic streets along the way. We will be making brief stops at a few of these areas to allow for deeper appreciation of the sights, as well as photo opportunities.

SUMMER - Segway Tour Times
May - September

Morning Tour 10:30am - 1:00pm
Afternoon Tour  3:30pm - 6:00pm
Evening Tour 7pm - 9:30pm
WINTER - Segway Tour Times
October - April

Morning Tour 11am-1:30pm
Afternoon Tour 2:30pm-5pm
Evening Tour 6pm-8:30pm

The evening tours offer a very different view of the city; a nostalgic glimpse of Old Nicosia in a golden, bronze-coloured light, caressed by the evening cool breeze that Nicosia is known for. During the evening tours we not only see many of the above sights, but also pass by some of the coolest taverns, bars and cafes hidden in the narrow street of Old Nicosia, that most visitors to the capital never get to experience (or know about).


Nicosia is the largest city and capital of Cyprus, divided between the occupied part in the North and the free part in the South since 1974. The area has been inhabited for the last four a half millennia, since the Bronze Age in 2500BC. Known as the Kingdom of Ledra, established around the 7th century BC, the area became more significant after Arab raids on coastal towns during the 6th century AD led to people moving inland. The city gradually became the administrative base of Cyprus by around the 10th century AD . Over the centuries it has been known by various names, including Lefkothea, Lefkousia and Ledri. It been occupied by various peoples including the Byzantines, the British, the Templars, the Lusignans, the Romans and the Ottomans.

Some of the sights we will look at during the tour ...

The Ancient, Famous “Doctor Street”

We will see that whereas originally this street was only for doctors, it slowly began to include other well-off people such as lawyers and captains. While cruising on your Segway, you will discover that this quaint street has much to show and even more to tell you, like the many dates that give clues to the city’s age and resources.

Ethnological Museum, (The House of Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios)

Here we will see one of the finest relics of ancient urban architecture, which survived the Ottoman Empire. This building is a true testament to the city’s ancient grandeur.

Nicosia Checkpoint on Ledra Street, on the Green Line

This checkpoint is an outcome of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus on 20 July 1974. Prior to the opening of the checkpoint there was a barricade running through the street, converted to a checkpoint in April 2008, which then became the sixth crossing which connects the 2 sides. The street gets its name from the ancient city-kingdom of Ledra.

Churches of Agios Savvas and Panayia Phaneromenis

A quick dash on your Segway will bring you to the magnificent churches of Panayia Phaneromenis and Agios Savvas. Inside Agios Savvas there is an icon of the Angel Gabriel, holding a sword with a river running behind him. The legend behind this icon is that Angel Gabriel brought his sword down onto the earth and created a huge earthquake which made a river flow around the city. This river drowned the thousands of heretics who wanted to attack and plunder the city.

Eleftheria Square and Town Hall

Eleftheria Square (Freedom Square) intersects all the main shopping streets of Nicosia, such as Ledra and Onassagorou. These walking streets boast an array of shops and cafes, frequented by people from all walks of life including youth, businessmen, vendors, visitors and models. We will glide on our Segways from the checkpoint to the Town Hall, located on the edge of the medieval city’s Venetian walls.

Hamam Omerye (Turkish baths)

Sometimes the traditional way of doing things is best. The Hamam was built in 1570 and is still in use today, as is Omeriye Mosque. It’s a great place for relaxation and in 2006 it received the Europa Nostra prize for the Conservation of Architectural Heritage.

Contemporary Art Museum.

The museum is situated at the Old Electric House building, but it looks brand new. Nicosia’s finest contemporary art comes to life as you ride your own technological marvel.

The Archbishop’s Palace and Cathedral, and Byzantine museum.

The Archbishops might have lived and travelled in comfort, but a Segway is more fun! The palace was built by Archbishop Makarios the third, and is a testament to the struggle for independence.

Cruise the Scenic Roads of Nicosia

Be awed by the architecture, diversity and history of the city, as we glide through traditional streets and see different cultures and people from all walks of life.

Art Cafe Square, Kafeneo (coffee shop), Pottery and Glass Workshops

This secluded square is a hub of fresh food, and creative genius welcoming people from all across the city. Here we can appreciate the Mediterranean way of life, smell the lavender and stroll inside the glass shop.

Ayios Antonios Church

This beautiful church is the newest of the old churches, and is the latest to be restored. It is quietly tucked away inside the Old Town, and loves to be discovered. We will park our Segways outside while we take in its splendour.

Famagusta Gate

This is the largest of all the city’s gates. It was built in 1567 by the Venetians, and served travellers entering and leaving the city from the east. It now plays host to art exhibitions and events.

Liberty Monument and the Venetian Walls

The Liberty monument was erected in 1973 to commemorate the release of freedom fighters in 1959. It stands next to the Venetian Walls and an ancient aquaduct, in an area offering ideal photo opportunities.

Exciting Bars and Cafes

During the tour we will see all kinds of bars, cafes, clubs, taverns, and social spots. While nipping through the city, you will be sure to find one that suits your taste. This trip around Old Nicosia is usually exhausting by foot, but by Segway it is a breeze.

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